Format of Current Opinion in Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CUOCIENT)


  • Luis Alejandro Jiménez Facultad de Economía y Negocios, Universidad Alberto Hurtado


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Format of Current Opinion in Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CUOCIENT)


  • Title (Should summarize the main idea of the Current Opinion in 10-12 word.
  • Author: (Name and surname. Do not use initials). Contrarily to other kind of collaborative publications, a Current Opinion allows a solely responsible authorship.
  • Institutional Affiliation (department and name of institution, full postal address (address, city, country, zip code, phone number and email)
  • Abstract: (Max 120 Words). The manuscripts in Spanish must include additionally title, summary and keywords in English.
  • Keywords: approximately 10 words or phrases (lowercase and separated by semicolon [;])
  • Content: CUOCIENT is an original short paper (min 1000 +/- max 3500 words) to help the reader by providing in a systematic manner:
  1. The views of experts on current advances and trends in creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship in a clear and readable form.
  2. Evaluations of the most interesting papers, annotated by experts, from original publications with great academic and practical value.


  • References: In CUOCIENT a list of not more than 10 references should be included (recent articles published in academic journals). CUOCIENT uses a modified version of the APA citation style that considers the next points:

- Authors' surname(s) and date(s) only are given in brackets, for example ‘Coase (1937) has entered into consonance with …’ or ‘Jiménez and Bas (1995) found that …’ or ‘a study of economic change (Muller and Diez de Medina, 1982) has shown that …’. This type of reference citation in text only allows the mention of 3 authors. When this number is higher, the remaining authors will be replaced with the abbreviation et al., for example, ‘and for cancer therapy (Jiménez, et. al., 1997).’ instead of ‘(Jiménez, T., Lopes, C., Lima, R., França, F. P., 1997). Moreover, to separate two authors prefer the word 'and' and not the symbol '&'.

  • Author and Brief background (Max 80 Words)
  • URL Public Profile (Research Center, University, URL of the affiliation)
  • @username's twitter     (optional)
  • LinkedIn Profile URL (optional)



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